5 Tips for Fitness Success


Studies show that following a detailed and complete fitness and nutrition plan will dramatically increase your success rate. I have some suggestions to help make your fitness program a success. After all, is there anything more important to you than your health? Virtually every day the news features stories and articles about the serious problems from obesity, heart disease, type 2 diabetes, hypertension, stress, and a host of other preventable diseases if we were only in better health. So here are some tips you can do to fulfill your exercise and nutrition goals.


1. Make Up Your Mind!

Achieving a result starts with one thing – making a decision. Until a firm decision is made, nothing changes. Many wait until a problem arises- high blood pressure, high cholesterol, or even worse a heart attack. Then the decision is made for them. But YOU have the power to do this the smart way. Make a decision to achieve fitness success. Change your thinking, change your lifestyle and change you result.

2. Keep the Excitement!

Everyone is excited about starting an exercise plan in January, gyms are flooded with new members and home exercise equipment is purchased. Then comes February. The emotion has waned and it has become boring. The gym members have quit going and treadmills have become expensive clothes hangers. So how do you overcome this problem? Use common sense!. Achievement of a weight loss or other fitness goal isn’t always fun and games, you must take consistent action. Some days it will be fun, others it may seem like work, but keep at it. Stay firmly rooted in your decision to achieve your goal.

3. Schedule Exercise Appointments!

Put them in your planner and stick to them. You wouldn’t miss a business meeting or client appointment, would you? So don’t miss your exercise appointment. Nothing is more important than your health. So make your exercise appointments a priority.

4. Set Realistically Attainable Goals!

You must have tangible short and long-term goals for your fitness program so you can gauge your progress. It’s crucial to record your “baseline” before you begin so you can measure success. Having goals allows you to track your progress and keep you motivated during times that you may not feel like exercising. Keeping a journal of your cardiovascular and resistance training workouts, as well as tracking what you eat, is truly a fitness success secret. You must remember to make your goals realistic and attainable.

5. Make Exercise a Lifestyle Change; Use Accountability to Help You!

You can’t be overweight without a lifestyle that has supported you to become overweight. You have to realize that lifestyle must change. Plan a schedule, make appointments with yourself, or someone else, to exercise regularly. Have someone to hold you accountable. Accountability is the number one, most important thing you can do to truly see results. Accountability to yourself isn’t usually enough. It is too easy to rationalize, so enlist the help of someone who truly wants you to succeed. Choose someone dedicated to your commitment and unwilling to listen to your excuses… such as a coach, workout partner, or personal trainer.

Use these tips to help change your lifestyle, in turn making your goal to live a healthier life successful. How do you know it’s working? Are your clothes fitting better? Are you feeling better?.…